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Welcome to the Wistarion, the Hunter College Yearbook!!!

The Yearbook website is designed to reach out to the student population!


The yearbook belongs to each and every one of us and will serve us as a piece of time and memory embedded here at Hunter. One of our biggest ambitions is to create a yearbook that will be more in tune with contemporary standards and technologies and thus will cater more to your needs and preferences. We, the students, are the life of this campus, lets come together and make something of it, why not let our yearbook be our meeting point.

The 2018 Yearbook includes the Hunter College students who have graduated with their BA, BS, BSN, BSW, BFA and/or combined BA/MA or combined BS/MS degree requirements. We do not include Graduate Degree students. We also do not include students who only completed certificate programs.

The 2018 yearbook will include January 2018, May 2018 and Summer 2018 graduates.

In order to appear in the 2018 yearbook you have to take a picture with Thornton Studios.

Yearbook FAQ'S

Do I have to pay for the 2018 Yearbook? / How do I order the 2018 Yearbook?

Yes, here’s how to order your 2018 Yearbooks: (click here).


How do I go about taking my picture for the Yearbook? 

In order to get your picture taken you must visit the website at: or call Thornton Studios at (212)-647-1966  and schedule an appointment. They are located at 210 West 29th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10001. However, they will take a number of portraits and you must choose one to be included in the Yearbook . If you do not choose a picture then the studios will choose for you.


Do I have to pay to get my picture in the Yearbook?

Yes, there is a $5 sitting fee for taking your senior portraits. If you choose to purchase pictures for yourself, you can pick whichever packet you would like to purchase.


Do I have to pay for the 2018 Yearbook? / How do I order the 2018 Yearbook?

Yes, here’s how to order your 2018 Yearbooks: (click here).


Can I submit photos for the Yearbook?

Yes, the Yearbook staff invites invite students to submit photos for the Yearbook. If you've got photos of school events  or you and your friends just having fun, we'd like to include them in the 2018 Hunter College Yearbook! Click here to upload your photos.


When will my Yearbook be ready?

The 2018 Yearbook 

should be ready during the Fall 2018 semester

The 2017 Yearbook  

Please check your MyHunter email in order to pick it up

If you have any further questions please feel free to contact us at any time at

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